Build Your Own Box of Freshly Baked Cookies
Build Your Own Box of Freshly Baked Cookies

Build Your Own Box of Freshly Baked Cookies

Available for pickup
In stock at Félix & Norton · Usually ready in 2 hours

In stock at Félix & Norton

Build Your Own Box of Freshly Baked Cookies· Without Tin / 20 Cookies

Available for pickup

Félix & Norton

Usually ready in 2 hours

3705 Boul. Saint-Jean
Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9G 1X2


Choose from up to 5 delicious flavours in each box. Share with friends or just keep them all for yourself! It’s also a great gift idea.

You can even ask for the cookies to come in a Félix & Norton tin box, how convenient. Spread the love, one cookie at a time!

Please note that we will based your box of 20, 40 or 60 cookies on a prorated quantity of your 5 chosen flavours.

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Our cookies are made with all-natural ingredients, carefully selected to make every bite feel like a warm hug, from the richest chocolate to the creamiest caramel.

Ménage à Trois® - Milk, White & Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
A decadent mix of milky, ivory, and pitch-black chocolate. It's the perfect way to get your luxurious chocolate fix! Indulgence never tasted so divine.

Caramelt - Buttery Caramel & Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Enjoy a tasty treat that won't leave you feeling guilty with Caramelt! With heaps of crunchy, buttery caramel and chunks of creamy milk chocolate, these delicious snacks combine indulgence and satisfaction for a truly unique experience! Yum!

Ebony & Ivory® - Dark Cocoa & White Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Treat yourself to the duet of deliciousness with Ebony & Ivory®! Our symphony of rich chocolate cookie loaded with creamy white chocolate chunks will have you singing with joy! Delight your taste buds and take a bite out of this chocolatey cookie masterpiece!

Au Naturel Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies
100% Vegan! Our new plant-based chocolate chunk cookie is made with all natural ingredients and does not compromise on decadent goodness. You'll need a glass of almond milk to fully enjoy the richly chocolaty goodness! From breakfast to midnight snacks, get your treat on with Au Naturel!

Bling-Bling® - Gold Chocolate, Caramel & Sea Salt Cookies
Chunks of our exclusive gold chocolate bursting with creamy caramel flavour and a hint of sea salt. Take your taste buds on an unforgettable ride: sweet, salty, and undeniably luxurious! (After all, what's life without a little sparkle?)

Chic - Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Discover the ultimate sweet indulgence with Chic! Perfectly crumbly golden cookie with mountains of irresistible dark chocolate - what more could you need? Treat yourself with this luxurious snack and get ready for an ultimate sweet-tooth satisfaction!

Lemon Kiss - Real Lemon Bits & White Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Satisfy your taste buds with a Lemon Kiss! When life gives you lemons, toss them aside and eat cookies instead. Our buttery cookie is filled with an irresistible blend of real lemon bits and big chunks of silky-smooth white chocolate - the perfect sweet-tart balance! Enjoy a tasty citrus treat that will make your mouth pucker with excitement!

Rock n' Roll - Macadamia & White Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Our mix of delicious macadamia nuts blended with white chocolate chunks is simply divine. Snack time just got way more delicious! Get ready for a flavour explosion in your mouth with each bite of this scrumptious treat.

Love - Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Love is all you need. But a little sweet treat is always a good idea.

Indulge with this golden beauty of a cookie, overflowing with creamy milk chocolate chunks. This chewy masterpiece will be the highlight of your day. Add a little more Love to your life, one cookie at a time!

Simply pick your 5 favourite flavours from our delicious selection of decadent cookies and add them to your cart.

You can now enjoy the smell of freshly baked cookies every morning if you want to.

All our cookies are made with all-natural ingredients, carefully selected to make every bite feel like a warm hug, from the richest gooey chocolate to the creamiest caramel you’ve ever tasted. Spread the love with our Build Your Own Box of Fresh Cookies!

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