Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy covers the entire Félix & Norton Web Site, as referred by “Us”, “We”, “Our” or “The website”. By browsing on you accept the conditions listed below.


Collection of Personal Information

We collect customer information so that we can enhance the online experience, and personalize our communications about our products, service, promotion, and events. Personal information will also be required to provide customer service. Personal information, such as your name, e-mail and mailing address will be collected at various points, when subscribing to our newsletter, entering a contest or participating in any other promotional activity. Only your name, address and email address will be kept and used for marketing purposes. Collected information will not be given or sold to third parties.

We believe in the protection of all personal Customer information and will only use them to tailor our Web services, offering, and communications to your needs.

Even though you are in no way obligated to submit personal information while on our website, please note you may not be able to use certain functionalities such as registering for our newsletter.


Other Collected Information

As a secondary means of collecting marketing data, cookies are used to monitor information related to your browsing patterns while interacting with Félix & Norton. These cookies register but are not limited to, the following elements: the number of times you access our site, your login information, your navigation and product preferences, while browsing our website. The cookies do not however, collect personal information and we can’t track the information recorded back to you. The use of cookies is fairly standard practice, used by most major websites to improve your customer experience. They can easily be blocked on your browser, but by doing so, you may disable some of the website’s functionalities.

Other customer behaviour patterns may be recorded through analytical data mining. Information such as traffic origin and patterns, page views, time of day, will help us understand our Customers’ habits and how they use our website. This type of information cannot be traced back to any specific customer and will only help us build a general portrait of all our website users.