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    Gourmet Cookies- Pick Your Flavours - 20 Cookies

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    Pick up to 5 different flavours to build your personalized box of 20 Félix & Norton cookies. Boxes hold 20 cookies each.  For other quantity options, click here

    Ménage à Trois® - A sumptuous blend of milk, white, and dark chocolate
    Ebony & Ivory® - A symphony of rich chocolate cookie filled with creamy white chocolate chunks
    Love - A golden cookie heaped with chunks of smooth white chocolate
    Rock N' Roll - Delicious macadamia nuts blended with white chocolate chunks
    Caramelt - Heaps of crunchy, buttery caramel and chunks of milk chocolate
    Chic - Mountains of rich dark chocolate in a delicious golden cookie
    Bling-Bling® - Chunks of our exclusive gold chocolate bursting with creamy caramel flavour and a hint of sea salt
    Lemon Kiss A buttery cookie filled with real lemon bits and large chunks of our signature white chocolate.
    Au Naturel - With our plant-based sweet dark chocolate, this cookie is 100% vegan

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