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    Cookie subscriptions are a great way to stay stocked up on your favourite F&N treats. They also make for a delicious gift that keeps on giving! AND you save 10% or more on every item you subscribe for!

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    Cookie of the Month club

    We’ll send you or your designated gift recipient a box of freshly-baked cookies! A different flavour every month with some new or surprise flavours included!

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    Cookie Dough Of The Month Club

    Every month we’ll send a different 3 kg. box of 100 frozen cookie pucks. You’ll have lots to share when guests drop by and still have some left for you when you need your cookie fix!

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    Other F&N Favourites

    If every month (or every 3 months) you’d like to receive or send the same assortment or flavour of any of the products on our site, all you need to do is select a product and you will see the link to subscribe at a discounted rate!

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