The incredible journey of a little boy that loved chocolate

…And for sharing smiles. In the early 1960’s in the home kitchen at the age of eight, Michael Eskenazi was already wearing a chef’s hat, cooking up 5-course meals for his family, always finished off with a lavish chocolatey dessert. 

Chocolate was already his passion. Growing up, he had aspirations of becoming a great chef, but it remained a hobby while he worked for various clothing retailers.

The inspiration to follow his dreams came during a trip to Manhattan where he discovered gourmet cookie boutiques on every corner, which was followed just days later by an incredible stroke of fortune - his employer fired him from his job. This was the sign from above to start doing what he was always meant to do:

Make people smile by baking the best cookies in the world!

After many highs and almost as many lows, his cookies and his unique gourmet desserts have tickled millions of taste buds and are now found from coast to coast in Canada and even overseas. 

And you can also savour the longer version of the history of Félix & Norton, after over 38 years of existence, there is a lot to chew on!

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