Super Bowl Snacks with Félix & Norton

What’s the best thing about the Super Bowl? Is it two teams competing for ultimate glory, the halftime show, or the commercials? If you ask us, it’s all about the Super Bowl Snacks! This year, we're preparing the best snacks for our buds when they come to watch the game.

First things first, you’ve got to bring out a batch of fresh baked cookies. Starting your Super Bowl festivities off with some smiles - now that's a stellar game plan.

Now, to the main event! What’s in the starting lineup for our favourite Super Bowl Snacks? We’re counting it down, one by one:

1. A Boozy Bacon Milkshake


Cookies, bacon, booze. If you’re not sipping on this thirst-crushing creation, how can you possibly appreciate the biggest game of the year? This shake is no joke - that’s why it’s number 1 on our list! Trust us, it will beat ANY halftime show.

The Super Bowl is where boys become men and men become legends - now's your chance to do the same. Bring out each of our favourite Super Bowl snacks for the big day. Score a touchdown with your pals, and make this gridiron gauntlet one to remember.

2. Pulled Pork

  Canadian Living / via

Tender and smothered in our favourite barbecue sauce. There's nothing quite like a bun filled to the brim with pulled pork.

3. Seven Layer Dip / via

Skip the simple dips, and go with seven (!!!) layers of deliciousness.

4. Mozza Sticks

  Bon Appétit / via

Deep fried sticks of cheese? We'd never turn that down.

5. Wings

 Martha Stewart / via

Nothing says “the big game” like chicken wings. We prefer ours by the plateful.