Date Night with Félix & Norton: Fondue Top Five!

There’s nothing quite like chocolate when it comes to date night. That’s why we’re doing a little something sweet, with that special someone, and surprising them with chocolate fondue.

Only the most romantic of treats, chocolate fondue is the perfect way to show someone that you care. After all, if you’re trying to speak the language of love - chocolate may as well be the Rosetta Stone!

What do we use to dip our chocolate? Here’s our Top 5 dippers of choice:

5. Strawberries

A classic!

4. Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies

An even bigger classic!

3. Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Can you handle that much chocolate? We have faith in you!

2. Ebony & Ivory

A special combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate, for the special combination of you and your honey bun!

1. Ménage À Trois

Quite possibly the only thing more romantic than chocolate fondue.

Every night can be date night with freshly baked Félix & Norton! Try this list of dippers, and add that little something extra to your next batch of chocolate fondue - a smile!