Gentleman’s Life: Sophisticated Spring Cleaning

How does a gentleman know that spring is fast approaching? Does his peacoat suddenly become heavier? Are his sit-upons angling for an improved tailoring after a long winter of bon bons and heavy wet? In fact, it’s neither of these. A gentleman knows it is spring because the garden emerging from his face is in dire need of cleaning.

Gentleman’s Rule #222: A fresh face and a freshly baked cookie are all a gentleman ever needs.

Hot towels, sharp blades and a cool aftershave - a proper shave is one of the greatest pleasures that life has to offer. After a long winter of cultivating our facial hair, it’s about time that we welcome warmer weather by cleaning our faces of all the gullyfluff that has generously accumulated over the months.

Depending on how much hair you’re removing, you need to mourn properly, as well as ease the concerns of local ladies - with cookies. How much hair are you losing? Prepare a batch of each ready-to-bake flavour, depending on what is being exorcised from your epidermis.

For a moustache

Something simple to ease the shock, try a batch of deliciously comforting Milk Chocolate Chunk.

For a goatee

A bit more rugged facial real estate being removed? Dark Chocolate Chunk is a rich complement to the pain you might put your love through.

For mutton chops

A man who has mutton chops knows the importance of symmetry and balance, so he bakes a batch of Ebony & Ivory cookies to remember them fondly.

For “the lumberjack special”

When a gentleman loses his entire beard, the tour de force of hair being sported from his nose to his chin, he makes a batch of Ménage À Trois to show his Gibson girl that he still means business.

The spring is a time for new beginnings, and your face should follow suit. It is time to handle your business, to do your spring cleaning, and to do it with some freshly baked cookies.