Félix & Norton’s Cookie Travel Guide

Travel the world, but don’t do it on an empty stomach. Travelling isn’t just about packing your passport and hitting the road - it’s about seeing the world, sharing special moments and sharing lots and lots of smiles!

Round up your best friends, pack your essentials (please don’t forget your toothbrush) and have an adventure with Félix & Norton cookies!

What’s the best way to share an adventure? With freshly baked cookies, of course. Here’s our can’t-miss, globe-trotting, expectation-shattering guide to the cookies you need to have when you’re making the trip to your vacation destination:

By Car

What’s more classic than a good old fashioned road trip? A Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies, obviously!

By Plane

Your tastebuds are sure to be flying high in the sky when you split a freshly baked Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie.

By Train

A selection of Ebony & Ivory cookies will keep things chugging along, all the way to your destination.

By Spaceship

A Menage à Trois, because the combination of white, milk and dark chocolate is absolutely out of this world.

When you have some of Félix & Norton’s ready-to-bake cookie dough, you’re only minutes away from sharing a smile while seeing the world. Book a ticket and bake plenty of cookies today!