Félix & Norton’s Sugar Shack Brunch

Brunch - the best way to express your feelings first thing in the morning!

Show your friends that you care about them, and host a brunch meet-up at your place this weekend. Treat everyone to the most important meal of the day, with a sugar shack influence, thanks to our handy-dandy “Sugar Shack Brunch” guide.

What do you absolutely need to have? Any good Sugar Shack Brunch is going to include:

5. Baked Beans

A traditional meal in so many Quebec households, and a staple on our plate when it comes to hosting a proper Sugar Shack Brunch.

4. Souflé Omelette

What’s brunch without eggs? The light and fluffy souflé omelette is the perfect way to complement any of the “heavier” foods we’re chowing on around the table.

3. Cretons

Meaty, spreadable goodness - this one is a no-brainer! You need to have this pork paté spread on a cracker, toast or on just about anything edible.

2. Maple Taffy

What’s a Sugar Shack Brunch without maple? Simply heat up a can of maple taffy, and serve it for your friends. Bonus points if you access your creative side and whip up some Cookie Crumb Maple Taffy.

1. Maple Syrup Mini Tarts

Woah! This recipe is the perfect way to end brunch with a smile as big as your belly. These Maple Syrup Mini Tarts are explosions of maple flavour, topped with pecans to give them a little extra crunch.

Crank up the rigodon, and serve up some smiles with Félix & Norton’s Sugar Shack Brunch today!