Ask A Sommelier: Beer

My Name is Conor Geraghty, and my specialty is beer. After tending bar in Ireland, I’ve been the Beverage Manager and Senior Bartender at Toronto’s renowned Irish Pub, P.J. O’Brien (the sister pub to Montreal’s Irish Embassy) for almost a decade. I recently completed my Prud’homme beer sommelier certification, and am an avid homebrewer.

 Conor Geraghty, Beverage Manager and Senior Bartender at  P.J. O’Brien

Beer and cookies - what’s not to love? I’m a big believer in the idea that beer truly goes well with everything, especially cookies! Here are some beer selections to match Félix & Norton’s delicious cookie flavours.

Ménage À Trois

For the delicious Ménage À Trois, I chose to pair it with Scotland’s Innis and Gunn’s Bourbon and Cask Aged Dark Ale. Any of Innis and Gunn’s barrel aged beers would work well, but I specifically chose this one for its complexity. There’s so much going on in every sip - chocolate, vanilla, all-spice, cloves and the lingering aroma of whiskey - that it can stand up to the Ménage À Trois’ trifecta of chocolate. It’s an explosion of chocolate tastes and aromas!

Ebony and Ivory

The Ebony & Ivory’s dark chocolate dough filled with sweet chunks of white chocolate pairs beautifully with Mort Subite Kriek. This Belgian lambic fruit beer has the tart and sweet taste of cherry, yet it finishes just like a sparkling wine. The fruity undertones paired with the chocolate of the cookie and creamy white chocolate is a fun, tasty combination. Sir Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder claim Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony, but I feel eating the cookie alongside the Mort Subite Kriek make the pairing even more harmonious!

Dark Chocolate Chunk

I have decided to pair Félix & Norton’s Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie with a beer that is also rich, bold and dark - Fuller’s London Porter. The beer and cookie’s similarities complement each other with every bite. The roasted malt and notes of coffee and chocolate match the slightly bitter quality of the rich dark chocolate. A delicious pairing for a chilly March evening.

Milk Chocolate Chunk

This St.Patrick’s Day, all you will need is a Milk Chocolate Chunk paired with an absolute March classic: Guinness Dry Stout. The beer brings hints of caramel, chocolate, malt and toasted bread - perfect flavours to highlight the sweet creaminess of the milk chocolate. A slight bitter, creamy sip is the perfect finish to each bite. A perfect beer meets a perfect cookie!

Crack open a cold one, and try one of these delicious combinations tonight. All you have to do is head out and grab a batch of ready-to-bake cookie dough, and you can even try your very own sampling.
Sip on something delicious, and do it with Félix & Norton!