Gentleman’s Life: St. Patrick’s Day with Style

Balancing enjoyment with refinement is the key to leading a gentlemanly life. That’s what St. Patrick’s Day is all about - revelry, fraternity and merrymaking. What it is not is a day for neon green jumpsuits and food colouring poured in your pint.

In fact, the only green we should be seeing is on pocket squares, bowties or tasteful socks. With this in mind, let’s get down to the order of the day…

Gentleman’s Rule #901: A gentleman knows how to enjoy a libation… with a cookie!

Kiss Me, I’m A Gentleman

A gentleman knows his drink of choice, and how deviating from that path can be a major misstep during an evening of half-cocked hullabaloo. That is why he instead seeks variety in finding the perfect pair for his drink - with a freshly baked Félix & Norton cookie.

Milk Chocolate Chunk, Ebony & Ivory, Dark Chocolate Chunk and a Ménage À Trois make for an exemplary carousel of choice, round after round. After all, drinking on an empty stomach is enough to make a stuffed bird laugh! Keep your wits about you, and enjoy a delicious cookie with you while you’re out and about “powdering hair” on this day of days.

This St. Patrick’s Day, stroll into your local public house with an air of sophistication. Hoist a glass into the air with one hand, with a cookie in the other, and proclaim “cheers” over a round of potent potables and delectable treats today.