The Perfect Spring Break with Félix & Norton

There’s just one week - one week to have the most awesome spring break ever!

This break from your day-to-day life shouldn’t be stressful. So, we’ve done all the thinking and created a simple-to-follow guide for the best vacation of all time - including everyone’s favourite smile-inspiring treat: cookies!

Spoil yourself this spring break, and do NOT do these 3 things:

  1. Read Textbooks - who wants to study, anyways?

  2. Wake Up Early - turn those alarms off!

  3. Avoid Your Friends - because good times should be shared.

Once you’ve avoided everything on the “no-no” list, here are the three things you should DO this spring break:

  1. Bake a batch of Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie dough - bonus points for using your cookies to create one of our show-stopping recipes!

  2. Share with your best friends

  3. Eat and spread smiles

This list isn’t only simple, it’s going to permanently change the way you do spring break. You don’t need to go around the world to enjoy your time off - instead, you can make cookies and share smiles from the comfort of your own area code!