Bottoms Up: A Cookie Shot with Félix & Norton

In Canada, conquering the cold always calls for a freshly baked cookie!

Whether it’s spending the first hour of our morning shoveling snow from our driveways, or because we braved the cold without our long johns - which we forgot on our way out. We deserve a cookie, because the snow doesn’t scare us one bit!

When it comes to spring break, this isn’t Cancun… it’s Canada! That’s why we need to do a cookie shot - instead of a tequila shot - to celebrate life the truly Canadian way.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Instead of tequila, use milk.

  • Instead of the lime wedge, use your favourite Félix & Norton cookie.

  • Instead of salt, use chocolate curls or sprinkles.

  • Instead of a shot glass, use a cookie shooter!


It’s a combination that sounds too good to be true, and is the perfect way to celebrate life’s little victories. Work hard, play harder and share smiles!