Cookie Creativity: Cookie Crumb Maple Taffy

Who knew something better than oxygen could come from trees?

One of our absolute favourite childhood memories was heading to our local sugar shack, and enjoying some of good old fashioned syrup spread out on the fresh snow. From tap to taffy, it was an ooey, gooey delicious day to remember!

Now, times have changed. We’re grown ups, and we expect more from our maple taffy. So, with the help of some Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie dough, we’ve changed the way we enjoy maple taffy with all of our friends - the steps are simple:

  • We buy a can of maple taffy from the store

  • We spread it over some freshly “harvested” snow (remember: no bits of yellow!)

  • We toss Félix & Norton cookie crumbs overtop!

  • We roll it up with a popsicle stick and enjoy it right away

It’s the same rich taste that we always remembered, with a healthy dose of chocolate chunks and soft cookie dough. Using this guide, bring some sugar shack style into your next cookie creation today!