Winter Date Ideas with Félix & Norton


The weather outside might not be the most welcoming, but that doesn’t mean you should be hibernating. Head out the door, pick up your darling, and show her the best with our can’t-miss winter date ideas.

Before you warm up your car, don’t forget the cookies! Bake a batch of Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie dough - we’ll explain why later on.

Félix & Norton’s Top 5 Winter Date Ideas

5. Go Snowshoeing

Especially on a bright, but frosty, Saturday afternoon. Snowshoeing is a great way to get outside, and to see nature. Nothing is more romantic than watching a deer prance across the snow right in front of your eyes.

4. Visit A Winter’s Farmer’s Market

For those who don’t like the cold as much, go and visit a local market. Buy a bowl of warm soup and have your girlfriend help you grocery shop while you’re at it.

3. Go Tobogganing

Hit the biggest hill you can find, and go for a magical toboggan ride. Make sure you’re careful, though, since you don’t want a face full of snow - or a broken nose - in front of your missus.

2. Canada’s (Other) National Sport

What’s more romantic than learning something new? Take your best gal out to the local legion, and learn how to curl. Curling is one of Canada’s iconic sports, and your lovely lady will enjoy seeing you hurry hard all night long.

1. Midnight Skating

It's the most romantic winter date activity on planet Earth. Skating at midnight, under the bright lights, is an elegant way to finish any evening. But wait, we have one more thing to make it perfect…

Félix & Norton Cookies

Remember those cookies we told you to bake earlier? This is your chance to take them out, and to present them to the love of your life. Hand her one, and you can both bask in the warm chocolate chunks and the rich cookie dough. Be careful, though, as Félix & Norton cookies have a very strong effect on women. She might get down on one knee and pop the question.

Become “boyfriend of the year” this winter with Félix & Norton cookies!