Gentleman’s Life: A Guide To An Intimate Evening

A true gentleman is sociable. He is both known and knows the value of conversation. At the same time, he appreciates the value of a demure evening. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to intimacy. That is why celebrations should stay away from the hustle and bustle of downtown affairs.

Gentleman’s Rule #134: home is where the heart is.

Valentine’s Day is not a day to be traipsing about with fillies. Think of the perfect evening like a cookie - sweet, inspiring and irresistible. Host your evening from the comfort of your own abode, and let your young mistress know that she is the only one for you.

Cookies Across Love Affairs

A proper bit of frock deserves only the best. Which is why a batch of Félix & Norton’s ready-to-bake cookie dough must always be at the ready. Use this guide to inform your romantic cookie selection.

If you’ve only been out on the town a handful of times, a Milk Chocolate Chunk is an excellent ice-breaker. For a passing fling? A Dark Chocolate Chunk. An Ebony & Ivory represents a love that lasts a lifetime. Then there's a Menage À Trois - for when you are looking to spice things up. Trying to make things more than a passing fancy? Include some flowers alongside your cookie selection, as well.

Take this gentleman’s advice, and make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable. Life is better with love, and love is better with cookies.