A Season of Smiles: Félix & Norton’s 2017 Lookbook

“Excuse me, miss! Who are you wearing? You look absolutely stunning”

“Oh, this? It’s an original Félix & Norton”

Four amazing flavours, four sophisticated designs. Direct from Montreal, It’s the hottest look of the season!

Welcome to “A Season of Smiles” - Félix & Norton’s Fall-Winter 2017 lookbook. Be prepared to fall in love at first bite, with each look perfected for the red carpet. Choose your look: The Dark Chocolate Chunk Evening Gown, the Ebony & Ivory Jumper, the Milk Chocolate Chunk Pouf Dress, or the Menage À Trois Empire Ensemble.

No matter which you go with, these are all looks that truly make a statement: "Yum".

Bake a batch for yourself and hit the catwalk. What are you waiting for? The red carpet is this way…