#CookieFacial: Félix & Norton’s Spa Day

It’s January, so we know three things: we’re exhausted from the holidays, we’ve got a list of resolutions as long as our arm and it’s too cold to do anything! That’s why we’re enjoying a spa day from the comfort of our own home. At Félix & Norton, we work hard, play hard and that means we deserve a little extra self-love - and so do you!

Here’s what you'll need to host the perfect spa day at home…

1. The Perfect Playlist

Go with the kinds of songs that always make you smile!

2. Scented Candles

Add a little bit of romance to your spa day, and make your place as fragrant as possible. Pro Tip: Fresh baked cookies make things extra sensual.

3. Bubbles

We don’t mean the soapy kind. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, just make sure you know the perfect pairing for your bubbly.

4. A Nice Long Soak

Fill up the tub, use a bath bomb, whatever it takes for you to take a load off and enjoy yourself. Get lost in the water, and play Jacques Cousteau for an afternoon.

5. A #CookieFacial

Where would a day at the spa be without our favourite treat? Don’t put cookies on your face, though, put them IN your face - your mouth, to be exact!

There’s nothing like a little bit of rest and relaxation, so what are you waiting for? Make some time for yourself this January, and enjoy a day at the spa - the Félix & Norton way!