Ask A Sommelier: Milk & Cookies

This month, we’d like to welcome Félix & Norton’s youngest (ever) sommelier: Andy. We know that the children are our future, so we asked this youngin' to combine a classic: a freshly baked cookie and a cup of milk! Here’s what this pint-sized expert had to say...

A soft cookie and a glass of milk. Just like a temper tantrum, this is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is a pairing that provides warmth and comfort, like my favourite blanket and the soother I’m too old to be using. Who wouldn’t serve them together?

Milk Chocolate Chunk

Chunks of milk chocolate are smooth and satisfying, so a cool glass of 2% milk makes for a  perfect pairing. This combination is innocent, just like me. The purity of the chocolate chips plays upon the softness of the milk with ease. It’s just like my mommy always says: keep it simple, silly!

Dark Chocolate Chunk

When you hand me a glass of chocolate milk, make sure it’s paired with a Dark Chocolate Chunk. Chocolate-on-chocolate might seem unknown and scary, like a thunderstorm before bed. But, daddy always says that thunderstorms are nothing to be scared about - so let’s be brave and enjoy this combination.

Ebony & Ivory

I don’t have a job, but I do know that an Ebony & Ivory cookie is rich with flavour. Strong dark chocolate dough and smooth white chocolate - this cookie needs something soft and sweet. My older sister Olivia loves almond milk, so I stole a glass of hers for a nutty complement to this powerful cookie.

Menage À Trois

Sharing is caring, and people are always inspired to be generous around me. If not, they know I’ll start wailing! A Menage À Trois is a distinct collection of every delicious flavour happening all at once. Let's go with the unexpected for this one: a glass of strawberry milk. It’s sweet, elegant and mommy says I’m only allowed one glass. It’s worth it.


After a long day at kindergarten, on the monkey bars, or in the sandbox, sometimes you need to treat yourself. Milk and cookies are an anytime snack for young and old. Try this combination any time that your mommy, daddy, or teacher say it's okay!