Félix & Norton’s Handy Workout Guide

We’re lacing up our shoes and hitting the gym! Burn off those holiday calories, break a sweat and push ourselves until we can't feel our limbs. Now that we think about it...maybe working out doesn’t sound all that fun. We’d much rather eat a fresh batch of cookies.

That’s why we came up with Félix & Norton’s Handy Workout Guide!

What you should be doing is rewarding yourself

Working out shouldn't be a chore. It’s a process, and it’s not going to happen overnight. What you should be doing is rewarding yourself for effort and putting the time into feeling good.

Depending on your exercise, here’s what we suggest:

50 pushups and you can have a rugged Milk Chocolate Chunk. After 20 sit-ups, you'll need a hearty Dark Chocolate Chunk. Have a partner spot you, and share an Ebony & Ivory after a set on the weights. Practice a grueling set of lunges, and a Menage À Trois should be your reward.

Feel the burn, break a sweat and crack a smile with Félix & Norton!