Félix & Norton’s Cookie Party Guide

Who doesn't love a party? Whether celebrating a birthday, the holidays, or just about any good news - we love a party. Inviting our friends over is a real treat for us, so we must repay the favour...with cookies! This holiday season, Félix & Norton cookies are the ideal way to get any party started. After all, parties are all about smiles - and that's what our cookies do best!

The perfect party is only a few steps away. Take a bag of ready-to-bake cookie dough, and use our patented "Perfect Party" baking instructions:

  • One Milk Chocolate Chunk for you

  • One for your best friend Julien

  • One Dark Chocolate Chunk for you

  • One for your brother Michael

  • One Ebony & Ivory for you

  • One for your coworker Nigel

  • One Menage À Trois for you

  • One for your girlfriend Kathryn

  • One for her best friend April

Enjoy every birthday and holiday in style, by inviting Félix & Norton to the event. Looking for something extra to prepare for Christmas Eve, too? You could even leave Santa some of our festively decorated cookies!