A Cookie Kiss: Under The Mistletoe with Félix & Norton

Our heart goes out to you. Each year, your sad eyes gaze upwards at the sprig of mistletoe dangling atop your doorway. Kisses with Grandma and Aunt Doreen are nice, but they won't please the deepest desires of your heart.

That's why this year, you’re going to get a kiss with the love of your life.

Start things off by grabbing some ready-to-bake cookie dough from your local grocery store. Before the party, toss these rounds of perfection into the oven. When they’re soft and ready to enjoy, place a plate of Félix & Norton cookies right under the mistletoe. When your crush comes running for a taste, wait around the corner and pucker up! Just make sure that your Cousin Alfred doesn’t make it there faster.

Pro Tip: Set down a plate of our Ménage À Trois cookies and wait for two of your crushes to walk under the mistletoe at once. After all, everything is better in threes!