The Perfect Hosting Gift with Félix & Norton!

Avoid something impersonal, like a boring old bottle of wine

It’s a basic rule of etiquette: if someone is kind enough to invite you into their home, you should always show your appreciation with a gift. Avoid something impersonal, like a boring old bottle of wine, and go with a treat that’s sure to please: freshly baked cookies!

When you’re low on time but still want to impress, a bag of ready-to-bake cookie dough is always the perfect gift. After all, a gracious host or hostess deserves to smile! We’ll even take it a step farther, and package them up in a mason jar.

Is your mason jar too small for our decadent cookies? Simply use a cookie cutter to cut cookies in mason jar-friendly shapes - you can even save the trimmings for yourself. Once you’ve filled your jar, print our classy label and attach it to your mason jar with a festive ribbon. Doesn’t that look perfect?

Spread smiles this holiday season with Félix & Norton.

PS - if you really want to get someone wine, make sure you know the kinds of wine to pair with cookies - our “Ask A Sommelier” series on wine and cookies has all of the information you’ll ever need.