Gentleman’s Life: The Art of the Gift


How does a gentleman show that he cares? Words are only for poets, and gentleman haven’t the time for prattling about with a pen - your lapel might risk getting stained with ink. When it comes to romantic endeavors, a true gentleman knows which gifts are guaranteed to please.

Gentleman’s Rule #322: a true gentleman doesn’t buy gifts, he bakes them.

For you see, a charmed belle is but one perfect gift away, and perfection is a freshly baked cookie. Rugged on the outside, smooth on the inside and just the right amount of sweet - buying gifts is too blasé, a real gentleman bakes

A cookie for every occasion…

Cookies are loquacious on their own, so let them do all the talking. Show off a more refined edged with a classic Milk Chocolate Chunk, a stronger and sturdier gentleman gifts a Dark Chocolate Chunk, a loyal lothario passes along an Ebony & Ivory and the adventurous type will bequeath a batch of Ménage À Trois.

Give the gift of gentlemanliness…

There is only one way to act when it comes to endearing yourself to womankind. Present sweet gifts, and stay manly while you do it! If you let your cookies do the talking, all you have to do is stand and bask in your gallant ways.