Ask a Sommelier: Bubbles


 Pénélope Delorme - Sommelière at  La Champagnerie

My name is Pénélope Delorme, and my specialty is in everything bubbly. I received my diploma as a sommelier at the age of 18 - some 15 years ago, and have been a sommelier at La Champagnerie for over 3 years now.

Bubbles aren’t only for special occasions - they can easily complement any meal! I work with importers to give guests a chance to taste different and unique products that they can enjoy at any time.

Today, we’re going to be pairing different bubbles with Quebec’s most famous and beloved cookies: Félix & Norton. Made with real butter and chocolate, they’re impossible to resist, especially if you have kids - and we have three!

Let’s find the perfect bubble for the perfect cookies…

Dark Chocolate Chunk


The strength of the dark chocolate in this cookie deserves an exuberant type of bubble: a rich product with a touch of sweetness to balance out the chocolate’s bitter notes. Let’s begin in Italy, with a small family production whose products are certified organic: Torelli, Son Brachetto d’Acqui. This red sparkling wine (yes, you read that correctly!) is rich with aromas of red berries, cherry and rose. It finds a way to remain fresh, despite the high sugar content. Well balanced and not heavy at all, it’s a real charmer, just like these cookies!

Milk Chocolate Chunk

Known for its sweetness, white fruit aromas, roundness and freshness, we like everything about this bubbly concoction.

To balance out the butter, chocolate and sweet flavours of the Milk Chocolate Chunk, I have chosen Espumante de Vinho Verde from Via Latina. Known for its sweetness, white fruit aromas, roundness and freshness, we like everything about this bubbly concoction. Just like the Milk Chocolate Chunk, it finds strength in simplicity.

Ebony & Ivory


Ebony & Ivory: my personal favourite. The rich dark chocolate dough, married with the silky white chocolate chunks: this cookie deserves the perfect bubble! I went down the popular route with this one, and chose Cerdon du Bugey. This rosé is perfectly delicate and not too alcoholized, with fine bubbles and dominant notes of red fruit and wild strawberry. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with a nice acidic touch. Chocolate, strawberries, bubbles...this is a timeless pairing you’re sure to try again!

Ménage à Trois


Three types of chocolate, living together in harmony, what’s not to love? Let’s go with a local Quebecois pairing for this iconic cookie: le Château de Cartes. Abiding by the champagne method, this winery makes fantastic rosé, brut and vintage where one can find the fragrant aroma of berries. It’s quite a mouthful - in the best sense of the term - with a lightly caramelized finale. This indulgent pairing will give you the warm and fizzies inside!


Try these combinations tonight. All you have to do is run to your local grocery store, pick up a bag of ready-to-bake cookie dough, grab a bottle of bubbly and you’ll be on your way.

On your marks, pop, go!

- Pénélope Delorme

Vinho Verde, Via Latina, Sec (Portugal)                              21.79$    Passion Gourmet, Jose Lopez, 514.816.2980

Brachetto d’Acqui, Petali di Rosa, Torelli, rouge doux (Italie)                25.44$    Bacchus 76, Omar Pengue, 514.802.7627

Cerdon du Bugey, Renardât-Fâche, 2015, rosé ½-sec (France)            28.75$    La QV, Cyril Kerebel, 514.504.5082

Châteaux de Cartes, méthode traditionnelle, Rosé brut, 2014 (Québec)    30.00$    SAQ, code 12357453

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