Gentleman’s Life: The Art of Sending Flowers


As a gentleman, there are a certain set of rules you must live by when it comes to the ways of the heart. A “Gentleman’s Life” is a charming guide to living a handsome lifestyle, every day.

Coming to an understanding of the fairer sex comes from knowing the signs and signifiers of romance. A real man shouldn’t have to don a blouse and perfect his curtsy to get in touch with his feminine side, after all. Where do we begin when it comes to the art of “wooing” a promising socialite? It all begins in the garden…

Gentleman’s Rule #532: feelings should only be shared with flowers

Flowers may be charming on their own, but even more so if you have the sagaciousness to partner them with a batch of freshly baked Félix & Norton cookies. The aromatic allure of the pair is sure to please any charming belle.

How one woos with flowers…

If your attempt is to court, yellow roses or lilies are a surefire mistake. Those are for friendship, and it would be tragic to find yourself only friendly with your love - don’t you think?

The perfect rose for love is of the classic variety: red roses. Pluck a bouquet fresh from the rosebush, and pair them with Félix & Norton’s Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Perhaps, though, you’re looking to be more amorous? Carnations are known as the flowers of fascination, and they are for a love that is sudden, gripping and, most of all, exhilarating. Pair them with a Menage À Trois cookie, and show that you know what it means to exhilarate.


Send flowers and send a message…

A gentleman is always forthright with his intentions, so do not waste the time of a lovely lady by sending her gifts that don’t send the right message. Send flowers and freshly baked cookies, to show her you care. She’ll be smitten… and you’ll be manly.