Félix & Chill: cookies to seal the deal!

Picking something to watch on Netflix is tough enough that you shouldn’t have to waste any more time on choosing a snack. Our ready-to-bake cookie dough is perfect for the occasion, in four amazing flavours, to keep your snacks as diverse as your movies. What are you watching tonight?


A Classic: Milk Chocolate Chunk

Dig through your collection of films, and find your favourite from childhood. Is it animated? Does it surround a friendship between a dog and cat? It doesn’t matter, as long as it makes you feel good! Our heaps of milk chocolate will make you feel even better while you’re reliving your youth.


Time for Dramedy: Bling-bling

What happens when you mix drama & comedy? You get a dramedy, kind of like a sweet & salty cookie. Cue our beloved Bling-Bling and its chocolate caramel and sea salt combo. What if the movie turns out to be more drama than comedy? Simply have a couple more cookies to sweeten the night.


Tearjerkers: Ebony & Ivory

The sumptuous combination of rich dark chocolate and silky smooth white chocolate can comfort just about any storm of tears. If tears start flowing, you can always wipe your tears away with the crumbs.


Ready for Romance: Ménage à Trois

In the mood for some “Félix & Chill”? Romance will be in the air with this cookie combination. The combination of milk, white and dark chocolate pairs perfectly with a movies about first kisses or forever loves. Snuggle up with your love bug and let our cookies do the work.


Combine your favourite movies with your favourite cookies - with Félix & Norton!