7 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Food Lovers

Halloween parties are great and there’s no age limit to enjoy them. They’re a fun way to express your creativity, live in someone else’s shoes (literally!) for a night and, above all, an exciting way to meet new people!

How do you find the perfect costume, the one that’s going to showcase your personality, your creative skills and work as a sweet conversation starter?

Here are 7 awesome costume ideas for all snack lovers, guaranteed to make people around you smile and get conversations going!

1. Jelly Belly

  Don’t Waste The Crumbs / Via    dontwastethecrumbs.com

You may want some friends to help you blow the balloons. Instructions here.

2. Son of Man

   Reddit / via    Imgur

A suit and the picture of an apple (that you can either hang from your hat or hold on a stick) is all you need to recreate the famous painting from René Magritte and show that you are a man of culture.

3. Buttery Popcorn

  Studio DIY / Via    studiodiy.com

The instructions for this super cute costume can be found here. (Guys, you could also pull it off with white shorts, masking tape, and red spray paint).

4. Sriracha

  Yandy / Via    yandy.com

No time to order the fancy hat? Simply head downtown to grab a t-shirt and buy some green cardboard to make yourself one!

5. Grape Bunch

   (Santy Gibson/Demand Media) / Via  eHow

Purple balloons, green felt/cardboard et voilà! Just make sure you don't sit on them!

6. DIY Cup of Frozen Yogurt

  Studio DIY / Via    studiodiy.com

This costume is great if you're planning on dancing all night (perhaps not as much if you're the "let's sit and chat" type of person).

7. The Ultimate Cookie Suit

  Twitter /    @dancurry9000

Just imagine what a showstopper this inspirational costume would be if it were made from Félix & Norton cookies and just how many people it would stop for a chat (or a quick bite!)