In Case of Emergency: Cookies!

 felix and norton cookie container

Actions (and Cookies) speak louder than words!

The best homemade gifts do all of the talking, which is great for us fellas! We might not be the best at talking about our feelings but it doesn't mean we don't have any. As every good friend, boyfriend or husband knows, a Félix & Norton cookie can cheer up your significant other like nothing else. Show how sweet you are (and that you know how to use your hands!) by building this homemade “emergency cookie container".

 felix-n-norton break glass template

Present this gift to your sweetheart, and make sure they always have a batch of freshly baked cookies by their side. It can be hard to talk about your emotions, but showing that you care is easy. Build things and spread smiles with Félix & Norton today!

 felix and norton ebony and ivory cookie