Ask a Sommelier: Tea and Cookies


 tea sommelier tea cookie combination

My name is Sebastien Champagne, and I have been a tea enthusiast for over 40 years. I’ve travelled through China, Taiwan and Japan to find the most exceptional teas for my tea house in Quebec City: Sebz. When I was a young boy, I discovered what a real cookie was while making frequent trips to the Félix & Norton store in my neighbourhood. I think a real cup of tea deserves a real cookie.

There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea -  it’s the perfect way to unwind and give yourself time to think. The perfect partner for a moment like this just has to be a cookie… who doesn’t like to smile when they have a moment to themselves?

Today, we’ll find the perfect partner for your favourite Félix & Norton cookies!

Dark Chocolate Chunks

  tea sommelier tea cookie combination

Dark chocolate is an intense flavour, especially when it comes in the form of generous chunks. That’s why I would suggest pairing this classic cookie with matcha. Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan, and its rich character highlights the intensity of dark chocolate. In Japan, dark chocolate is a common snack alongside a cup of matcha, so let’s enjoy dark chocolate in its best form: a Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie.

Milk Chocolate Chunks

Without a doubt, the perfect pairing for Félix & Norton’s Milk Chocolate Chunk cookie has to be a Shou Mei tea. White tea is known for its simplicity, where the tea leaf is set to dry in the sun and that’s all - the flavour is formed between the sun and the leaf. The result is a white tea with luscious fruit notes, which compliments smooth milk chocolate effortlessly. A timeless tea for a timeless cookie, I like that combination.

The result is a white tea with luscious fruit notes, which compliments smooth milk chocolate effortlessly.

Ebony & Ivory

A bold cookie like Ebony & Ivory deserves a bold tea pairing, so I wanted to find a tea that did just that. Black teas usually have stronger fruit flavours and tannins than other tea families, so this was a great place to start.

One of my absolute favourite black teas is the Yi Mei Ren, from the Yunnan province in China. Its generous character makes for a full-bodied tea that really hits all of the right notes... a tea this strong might even deserve more than just one cookie for the perfect pairing!

A bold cookie like Ebony & Ivory deserves a bold tea pairing

Ménage à Trois

  tea sommelier tea cookie combination

My personal favourite: the Ménage À Trois! This cookie’s perfect match is a tea called Da Hong Pao. A woodsy oolong from the Wu Yi Valley in China, Da Hong Pao will allow the flavours of this cookie’s iconic chocolate trio to truly shine. Subtle notes of hazelnut help strengthen the flavours of a Ménage À Trois, while not forcing themselves to the front of your palette. As an added bonus: this type of tea is traditionally roasted, and many say that the smell resembles a batch of freshly-baked cookies - that’s double the cookie aroma in your kitchen!


While I’ve outlined a selection of teas you should try with your favourite cookies, this is just the beginning! Using my recommendations, you should feel free to try some of your favourite teas with the Félix & Norton cookie of your choice. Take your time, appreciate the flavours and go with the combination that really makes you smile.