Félix & Norton’s Thanksgiving Decoration: A Cookie Centrepiece!

 thanksgiving decoration cookie centrepiece

A little Thanksgiving decoration goes a long way, and we like to celebrate the importance of family and tradition with a delicious cornucopia of gourmet cookies. It’s time to start a whole new tradition for your Thanksgiving celebrations - the Félix & Norton way!

What’s the key to hosting a special Thanksgiving meal?

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing special moments with great friends and family. We’ve been in the business of sharing special moments since 1985, so our Thanksgiving decoration is meant to usher in a new family tradition around your table. Grab a cookie, break off a piece and share it with the person beside you - be thankful for one another and for cookies!

Missing the pink and white wicker cornucopia (like ours)?

Just lay a batch of our cookies on a plate. Our cookies look beautiful when they’re au natural, anyways, and you won’t even have to worry about clean-up - they’ll definitely be gone by dinner’s end. Now, that’s how you “adult” and host the perfect dinner!

Take your Thanksgiving decoration to the next level with a little help from Félix & Norton and our delicious selection of gourmet cookies. Happy Thanksgiving!

 thanksgiving decoration cookie centrepiece table