Our Cookie Truck: Félix & Norton’s Smile Delivery Service

 felix & norton cookie truck

Félix & Norton has always stood behind the idea that people should have access to cookies wherever they may roam. That’s what led owner and founder Michael Eskenazi on a journey across the continent to acquire a roving smile-delivery machine: our Cookie Truck!

What was life like before our Cookie Truck?

There used to be a time where delicious Félix & Norton cookies could only be bought freshly baked in-store. In order to bring cookies far and wide, Michael decided to create a truck that could bake and serve fresh cookies. The idea of on-the-go gourmet cookies was particularly interesting to Michael, and was an idea which predated the gourmet food truck rush of 2009. Before cities like San Francisco, Miami and New York had trucks, Montreal was the first on the scene with our Cookie Truck!

The journey to retrieve our Cookie Truck...

 felix & norton cookie truck on the road

Setting his sights on what would be the perfect ride, a propane-powered Grumman truck, Michael purchased a one-way ticket to pick it up...all the way in Portland, Oregon! The journey took him on a 5,000 kilometre ride across the continent and took 5 days (60 hours). Michael loved the idea of propane power, for the environmental benefits, and the Cookie Truck was even equipped with solar panels in later years - leading to a smaller footprint for such a big ride.

Ever since the truck’s rebirth as the Félix & Norton Cookie Truck, demand for freshly baked cookies has stayed strong. You can find the truck distributing freshly baked cookies throughout the streets of Montreal, but it can also be rented for occasions like weddings, company parties, corporate promotions or other events. That’s right, our Cookie Truck is always on the move!  

 felix & norton happy cookie truck customer

By The Numbers

 inside the felix & norton cookie truck

  • 500The number of cookies the Cookie Truck can bake in one hour. That’s 7,000 cookies during one 14 hour shift!


  • 10The number of states/provinces (Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec) that the Cookie Truck visited en route to its final destination - Montreal!

  • 4The number of appliances (oven fan, fan, cash register and television) which run on solar power, thanks to the panels on the Cookie Truck’s roof.

  • 90The percentage which propane burns cleaner than gasoline, which is what attracted Michael to what became the Cookie Truck.

 felix and norton's cookie truck in downtown Montreal