Gentleman's Life: Consuming Cookies Properly

As a gentleman, there are a certain set of rules you must live by when it comes to the ways of the heart. A “Gentleman’s Life” is a charming guide to living a handsome lifestyle, every day.


Manliness is not simply about eating food in gargantuan portions… it’s about treating your food with the proper respect. If you have the wherewithal to prove to all of the charming ladies in your life that you know how a gentleman conducts himself at the dinner table, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town and a renowned victor of hearts.

Gentleman’s Rule #678: a real gentleman knows how to eat with his hands


The proper treats

Certain gastronomical delights are simply made to be handled. This is especially true for delicious Felix & Norton cookies. Begin this lesson in etiquette by acquiring your own bag of delicious gourmet ready-to-bake cookie dough. Bring it home, bake a batch and prepare for the handsome smell of fresh cookies to enliven your bachelor’s quarters.

The proper method

Like the top of a bowler, or the wheel of a sturdy hardtop, a cookie is always perfectly round. To enjoy a cookie the right way, without making a mess, it needs to be enjoyed in halves. It not only saves you from making a horrific mess, but it also happens to be the perfect way to share this delight with any lovely heiress. Take your cookie in hand and break it in halves until pieces reach an actual bite size. Make sure not to leave any crumbs scattered about - that would be most unbecoming!  

The proper man

A cookie has to be treated with care, the same way a man-about-town might care for the apple of his eye. Hold it, appreciate it, make it feel loved. A true gentleman takes his time to enjoy something sweet, and nothing is sweeter than our gourmet cookies.

Stay manly, and eat with your hands!