Félix & Norton’s Unique Cookie Flavours

At Félix & Norton, we are experts at finding your “cookies personality.” You see, everyone is unique, which means that your favourite cookie flavour is going to be just as unique! We’ve even made finding your cookie soulmate easier, with a collection of Félix & Norton cookie flavours made to please any and all personalities.

For every cookie-lover out there, there are Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie flavours to match. What do they share in common? Real butter, real chocolate and a whole lot of love.

Which Félix & Norton flavour is cut out to be your soulmate?

Dark Chocolate Chunk - “The Gentleman”


You appreciate the depth in classics and you like to throw around names like “Corbusier” and “Derrida”. You crave the authentic and will settle for nothing short of perfection. The dark chocolate chunks you can see, feel and taste in this cookie are the refined tickle your taste buds have been fantasizing about.


Ménage à trois - “The Thrill Seeker”


Bringing out the best in everything, and everyone, is your claim to fame. After all, why choose when you can have the best of what life has to offer? The eclectic flavour profile of our Ménage à trois is as world renowned as you are, and just as sweet!


Ebony & Ivory - “The Sweetheart”


Ever feel like no one understands how sweet you truly are? This cookie combines the strong flavours of cocoa with the silky smooth notes of white chocolate. So, despite its dark appearance, this cookie is truly a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Have people see you for your sensitive-side by digging into one of these delights.

Milk Chocolate Chunk - “The King”


Are you known as the most benevolent person in the land? You’d have a lot in common with our Milk Chocolate Chunk. It’s fun, carefree and generous (don’t you see all of those chunks of delicious milk chocolate!?) You know how to please everyone, while still pleasing yourself - never forget, you’re a classic!


Feeling like a “King”, while also being a bit of a “Sweetheart”? Félix & Norton cookies complement whichever mood you’re in, which means you can wake up feeling like a “Thrill Seeker”, and end the evening like only a “Gentleman” would. No matter how you’re feeling, though, you should always have a cookie closeby!