9 ways to pimp your cookies


What happens when you pair an already-delicious cookie with some out-of-this-world garnishes? These examples of cookie creativity are brought to by you the smile-spreading goodness of Félix & Norton cookies. Try them out for a birthday, holiday, or whenever you’ve earned the right to indulge (might we suggest right now?) 

These garnishes can not only be sprinkled on a freshly baked cookie, but can also be lightly pressed into slightly thawed ready-to-bake cookie dough before being launched into the oven.

1. Coconut and Candied Lime


Shredded coconut and candied lime would give these cookies a tropical twist. It almost reminds us of the kind of cookies we might enjoy on a desert island (or... even a Dessert Island!)

2. Boozy milkshake

Some of us would never dare to change a Félix & Norton cookie, because they’re already perfect! For the purist at heart, dunking this gloriously chocolaty disc of perfection into an equally-as-glorious boozy milkshake is one of the best ways to enjoy it!

3. Pretzel Sticks

Add pretzel sticks to your cookie to give it a delicious salty kick you'll love.

4. Pistachio


Chopped pistachios are everywhere these days. They have a rich and sweet flavour that work well with either salty or sweet treats, and they’re GREEN! Why not add them to a cookie, so you can eat with your eyes as well as your mouth!

5. Jam

We’re talking real cookies and real jam here! Forget those little old dry cookies and dry jam your grandma used to serve. Smother a whole batch of freshly baked cookies with your favourite jam, or even use one different jam per cookie. You bake the cookies, you call the shots!

6. Ice Cream Sandwich

No need to wait for summer to come rolling back around to savour a fantastic ice cream sandwich like the ones we serve on our Cookie Truck. Slice some ice cream and serve it between two Félix & Norton cookies (hint: they don’t have to be the same kind - switch it up!)

7. Crystalized Mint


All you need is a bunch of fresh mint, sugar, a little bit of real butter (goes well with the real butter in our cookies!) and you can make your Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie taste like your favourite minty chocolate treats!

8. Maple sugar

Félix & Norton is as Canadian as is gets, just like maple sugar! Liberally dust your freshly baked cookies in this sweet treat, and you'll be howling at the moon with delight. 

9. Whipped Cream

Doesn't whipped cream just make everything better? Ditch that stuff from an aerosol can and top our fantastic cookies with the homemade foamy goodness they deserve. All you need is cream, sugar, a cold bowl and a little elbow grease to get this one going.

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