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    Tuango Frozen Cookie Dough Promo

    This promo includes two 3kg boxes of our premium frozen cookie dough (100 cookies) and two 450g-500g specialty bags of our premium frozen cookie dough (18-20 cookies).

    Choose your favorite flavour for your first 3kg box on this page. On the next page you will be able to choose your second box and your two bags.

    Flavour Descriptions:
    Ménage à Trois® - A sumptuous blend of milk, white, and dark chocolate
    Ebony & Ivory® - A symphony of rich chocolate cookie filled with creamy white chocolate chunks
    Love - A golden cookie heaped with chunks of smooth milk chocolate
    Rock N' Roll - Delicious macadamia nuts blended with white chocolate chunks
    Caramelt - Heaps of crunchy, buttery caramel and chunks of milk chocolate
    Chic - Mountains of rich dark chocolate in a delicious golden cookie
    Bling-Bling® - Chunks of our exclusive gold chocolate bursting with creamy caramel flavour and a hint of sea salt

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