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Our gourmet cookies create smiles, and so does our blog. Follow along for the latest in the world of Félix & Norton. 


Félix & Norton’s Oscar Party Bingo

MIchael Eskenazi


If you ask us, Champagne and caviar is a bit blasé for our Academy Awards festivities. The hottest night in Hollywood needs a little something special - like cookies! This year, get together with your best gal pals and play Félix & Norton’s Oscar Party Bingo.

The rules are simple:

  • Bake a batch of each Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie dough flavour (make sure there’s enough to go around).

  • Place the cookies on your table, so they're easy to grab.  

  • Eat a cookie whenever one of our listed events happens.

Félix & Norton’s Oscar Party Bingo

  • When an actress mentions how hard it is to walk in her high heels, take a Milk Chocolate Chunk. Enjoy it and appreciate that it’s not you in seven-inch stilettos!

  • If an acceptance speech goes too long, and the music starts playing to cut the person off, enjoy an Ebony & Ivory. It will help time go by faster.

  • When you can tell a celebrity is reading from a teleprompter, eat a Dark Chocolate Chunk. Hint: look for that “deer in the headlights” face.

  • If the host tells a joke and nobody laughs, eat a Ménage À Trois. Nothing soothes embarrassment quite like our combination of milk, dark and white chocolate.

We want to thank delicious cookies for continuing to help us spread smiles all night long!