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Lunch Box Love Notes from Félix & Norton!

MIchael Eskenazi

 you're one smart cookie

Growing up, one of the best surprises we can think of was receiving lunchbox love notes. Our mom would pack our lunch, and sometimes she would slip a special little note to help us get through a long day of learning. When we think back on that moment, we smile! Which is exactly why we set to work creating our very own collection of Félix & Norton lunch box love notes. So that you can use them to start traditions, share memories and spread smiles.

Who deserves such a special surprise?

 i'd pick you in a cookie jar

Spreading the warm and fuzzies doesn’t just have to be for kids! We’re sure there are lots of “smart cookies” in your life who would love one. Your partner, your roommates, or even your coworkers - just don’t let them catch you sneaking a note into their lunch in the company fridge! Everybody deserves to smile, and these love notes are an express ticket to Smiletown.

How do I put this set together?

It’s oh so simple! We’ve already designed a set of lovely notes, all you have to is print, cut (along the blue line) and secretly slip them into your target’s lunch. Not only are they easy to put together, but they’ll help you work on your love-note-leaving ninja skills.

Share your love for one another while sharing your love for cookies! A page of these love notes is sure to start a tradition of smiles for you and your loves ones today. Bonus points if you pack one of these notes with a freshly-baked Félix & Norton cookie, for a special addition to an already special surprise.

 you're one in a dozen