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Gentleman’s Life: baking your way to a second date

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Our gourmet cookies create smiles, and so does our blog. Follow along for the latest in the world of Félix & Norton. 


Gentleman’s Life: baking your way to a second date

MIchael Eskenazi

As a gentleman, there are a certain set of rules you must live by when it comes to ways of the heart. A “Gentleman’s Life” is a charming guide to living a handsome lifestyle, every day

The world of dating for the modern gentleman is a complex place. You may be able to paint the town red every night of the week, but securing the long-term affections of a young lady is never only a single-evening affair. The challenge is elementary: how do you properly woo a striking debutante to ensure a second romantic engagement?

Gentleman’s Rule #327: cookies make the heart grow fonder

In our humble opinion, the path to the heart is paved with cookies. After a delightful first affair, ignore a dreadfully nonchalant note and follow our sterling advice instead:

  • Procure a bag of Felix & Norton cookies

  • Bake the cookies with your gentlemanly baking skills

  • Detail, on a card, how much you’d love to see that special someone again

  • Courier the card, with the cookies, to the apple of your eye

  • Let our selection of gourmet cookies handle the enchantment!

After laying their eyes on this delectable collection of top-shelf cookies, you will no doubt date this eligible bachelorette again! Don’t forget what it means to be a gentleman, though: always be sweet... just like a batch of our freshly baked cookies.