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Our gourmet cookies create smiles, and so does our blog. Follow along for the latest in the world of Félix & Norton. 


Félix & Norton’s Easter Egg Hunt

MIchael Eskenazi

Everybody knows that the sweetest part of Easter is the Easter egg hunt - so why not make it even sweeter with freshly baked cookies?

We’re going to skip the plastic eggs filled with candy this year, and go with something that will really make people smile: Félix & Norton cookies. All we have to do is wrap them up, hide them and set people off to find a rich, delicious and chocolatey surprise.

Where do you hide your cookies? Let’s start you off with some inspiration, here are some of our can’t-miss super-secret hiding spots for everyone’s favourite cookies:

  • In the dishwasher - as long as there are no dirty dishes!

  • In the mailbox - “you’ve got mail!”

  • Inside a boot - because cookies are the most important snack of the day.

  • In a slipper - make sure the cookies are super WELL wrapped.

  • On a bookcase - not a bad way to get people interested in reading.

When you’re hiding cookies, your Easter egg hunt is never going to be the same. Put a smile on everyone’s faces this Easter, and do it with Félix & Norton.

Show us where you hid your cookies this year, and make sure to hashtag them with #FNEasterEgg!