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Félix & Norton’s Cookie Study Guide

MIchael Eskenazi


It’s time to hit the books with Félix & Norton!

This past semester, we might not have been paying attention EVERY single second of class, but that’s why we study! We’ll dust off our textbooks, crack them open and pack our brains with mountains and mountains of information in just one evening - foolproof, right?

It’s no fun to hit the books alone, though, so let’s bring a plate full of freshly baked cookies along for your next academic journey! Not only is it a way to guarantee that your friends are going to come along, but it makes for the perfect reward.

Did you know that each Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookie flavour has its own scholastic benefits? Let’s show you how you can become a real smart cookie:

Milk Chocolate Chunk


This classic flavour reminds us of all the history that went into making this cookie. It’s perfect for when you’re memorizing the Magna Carta or learning about the Fathers of Confederation.

Dark Chocolate Chunk


This is a cookie all about science. Did you know that dark chocolate can work as a powerful antioxidant? When you’re reading about chemical bonds, always think about the scientific deliciousness that goes into each and every one of these cookies.

Ebony & Ivory


True or false sections on exams are oftentimes way more difficult than munching on an Ebony & Ivory cookie. On an exam, there’s always a right answer and a wrong one - with an Ebony & Ivory cookie, you can’t go wrong.

Ménage À Trois


Need a refresher on anatomy? Look no further than this cookie!

Studying is a breeze when you get to reward yourself with some of the good stuff! Bake a batch of cookies and hit the books with Félix & Norton this semester.