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The Big Game with Félix & Norton

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Our gourmet cookies create smiles, and so does our blog. Follow along for the latest in the world of Félix & Norton. 


The Big Game with Félix & Norton

Mathieu Tremblay


“He shoots, he scores!” / “Going, going - gone!” / “He’s on fire!” / “GOOOAAALLLLL”

The big game is tonight! That's why the boys are getting together to to catch all the action on the big screen. Ditch the local sports bar scene, and play host for the night. It’s cheaper, easier and you never have to leave your place - that’s always a win for us!

First, you'll need to bake yourself some cookies - for energy, of course. Then, you need make your place presentable. Follow these steps before catching all the high-flying, dumping-and-chasing action:

  • Fold and organize your laundry. Or, toss it in your closet and worry about it later.

  • Wash some glasses before your dudes arrive. This way they’re not cleaning out dried-up noodle soup - from when you ran out of bowls - in their glass of pilsner.

Last but not least, hide the kale chips that your girlfriend forced you to buy and go with a real snack: Félix & Norton ready-to-bake cookies. Pop them into the oven, and bring them out when they least expect them. This will cheer them up, especially if the home team is losing!

Become the real MVP during guy's night, and share shots, scores and smiles with Félix & Norton.