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Félix & Norton’s Barbershop Bouquet Contest

Mathieu Tremblay


Beards are stylish, but we hate to see them run rampant on a perfectly innocent face. We all know a man in our life who could use a good trim. That’s why this contest is all about beautifying your beard just in time for spring!

How do I participate?

Give your crumb catcher a trim (or shave it off entirely!), and do it with a friend - because nobody likes to be clean-shaven alone. Best of all? You have a chance to win amazing and delicious cookies while you’re freshening up.

You don't even have to thank us. Just post a picture of your man's facial hair at its very best, and either tag us or use our #NoMoreCrumbsFN hashtag.

As always, extra points for creativity! Trim it, shave it, brush it, style it, put flowers in it...send us a picture of what would makes a man’s face great.

The Prize

The lucky winner will be sent something worth smiling about - Félix & Norton-style! A 14-cookie tin (value of $21.99) delivered right to their doorstep!

Join us in spreading smiles, and beautify your beard with Félix & Norton today.