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Our gourmet cookies create smiles, and so does our blog. Follow along for the latest in the world of Félix & Norton. 


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Warm Up with Félix & Norton

Lea Monaco


Don't get us wrong. We love snow but we have to admit that the temperatures are starting to feel more frightful. We’re tough, though, and we’re used to freezing temperatures. That’s just part of being Canadian!

It’s the easiest way to warm ourselves when the weather is too much to handle.

If we’re going to be venturing out into the cold, it’s going to be to pick up a batch of ready-to-bake cookie dough. We brave the storms, the cold winds whipping in our face, to get a bag. Why? It's the easiest way to warm ourselves when the weather is too much to handle.

The tried and true way to stay warm, fresh baked cookies are perfect for every cold weather occasion. Have you heard that Milk Chocolate Chunk cookies are just perfect for a light snowfall? Bling-Bling is for nursing slips and trips on black ice. Ebony & Ivory cookies make for great earmuffs! If there’s an ice storm, and you’re stuck inside, try a Ménage À Trois. It will get you through even the coldest night.

Let the cookies warm your heart, and the oven your kitchen. Stay safe from the cold, and stay cozy with Félix & Norton.