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Official Logos


It is important to note that the logo may not be recomposed in any way without the express consent of Felix & Norton brand officers, and approval of any other configurations will be exceptions to the rule as required by non-standard application. The logos below should fit 95% of all use scenario needs. 

If you have artwork you need reviewed for approval or adherence to brand guidelines, please click the following link and submit the artwork, with any necessary background information for context. Please also allow a (maximum) 48 hours for replies.

The following link contains Adobe Illustrator (Versions CC and CS5), EPS and PDF formats of the official Felix & Norton logotype in two configurations (Stacked/Horizontal), as well as secondary brand support elements (the "F&N!" 'fun stamp', "YUMM" and "MMM" elements). These secondary element cannot be used in isolation without an accompanying logotype and must always be used in Pantone 219 or the precise conversion of that color for the medium you are working in.

Download Files Here :