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Deliciously F&N! 2

Félix & Norton history, short and sweet!



That’s pretty much been our belief for 30 years, and why we still strive to create the best desserts in the world. Life is sweet. And it’s meant to be enjoyed. Our cookies are impossible to resist. Our secret is that pure ingredients make for pure pleasure. We believe everything’s better with butter and that pure chocolate can solve most of the world’s problems when there’s magic in every bite


It started in Montreal in 1985 with one delicious cookie and a smile. We noticed that when people eat cookies, they’re usually smiling. So we set out to make the very best homemade cookies anyone’s ever tasted. Delicious fun was born. Our single shop on the corner grew into a chain of 45 specialty, destination stores that changed the way people enjoyed cookies forever. No longer just a cookie, Félix & Norton became the chosen gift to be shared and loved by millions.

Next thing you know we not only had the greatest cookies, but great ideas. We created a new category of cookie gifts including the Cookie Bouquet and the Cookie Magnummmm (a champagne bottle designed to hold 24 cookies).

We were on a roll. So why not keep on trucking with a mobile bakery? In 2008 we custom built an environmentally friendly, solar and propane powered food truck to bring delicious fun to the streets of Montreal. To this day, it continues to deliver cookies, smiles and pure pleasure wherever it goes. We like to think of it as our smile delivery system.

In 2010, inspired by all the insights gained from interacting directly with cookie-lovers, we went back to basics and decided to recreate the magic with our ready-to-bake cookie dough, so that people could enjoy our gourmet cookie experience fresh and warm, straight from their own home ovens.

Life has never been this sweet!