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The Felix & Norton master typography comes from type font families : Brandon Grotesque, and Brandon Printed. Brandon Grotesque must be used for all body copy and text applications. Brandon Printed provides a 'rubber stamp' look of the same font, and can be used for titles or other call-to-action elements where this graphic texture will be seen and is visually engaging. It is important to note that Brandon Printed is used in the primary logotype, and careful dosage of it in context with the logo is important so as not to dilute the brand identity.

Due to font licensing restrictions, we are unable to legally distribute the fonts and they must be purchased for each workstation they are installed on. Additionally, any digital applications will require a license for webfont versions of these fonts. We strongly recommend purchasing both font families (cost is nominal) to have access to all typographic nuances the brand employs. No font substitution will be acceptable in any case. 

Link to Brandon Grotesque :

Link to Brandon Printed :

There are strict typographic rules for all food packaging and nutritional chart information. Any fonts used must comply to established norms. Ingredient listings use the font "Myriad Pro Condensed", which comes as part of the default system set in all Apple / Macintosh computers.