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A brand is much more than a logo. 

What a brand really is, is an experience. It’s a living, breathing experience that will by it’s very nature, evolve and grow over time.

The association that consumers will have with the brand is the culmination of all their experiences with the brand in a multitude of contexts: at retail, online, in print, packaging, in social media conversations, in customer support, on an app, the out-of-box experience, and in the shopping and tasting experiences itself in stores and homes all over the world. What a brand is is ultimately how others feel and speak about their experience with it. That translates into conversational capital, and in turn, sales.

Therefore our voice must be unified, and our actions consistent and transparent. This creates consumer trust and ensures protection, value, longevity – brand equity - for our company. A brand is manifested in every action we take, as well as every one that we don’t. It is our voice. We are its ambassadors. 

Please note : without exception, all newly created materials must be approved by F&N before any deployment. That being said, this styleguide exists to foster creativity within our living brand, while staying true to it’s source DNA. Should there be any questions at all regarding use of brand assets, or questions regarding a use context that is not yet described in this styleguide (and many are not at this stage), please give us a call and we’ll be happy to collaborate or create the necessary assets for you.

Thank you for your collaboration,


Bob Beck, President / Creative Director

Michael Eskenazi, President
Felix & Norton